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The Long Run 3D cover

An ex-gangster seeking redemption faces Cancun's deadly underworld to rescue his past love from a deadly drug cartel.

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Israel is a reformed gangster with a broken heart, desperate to save the woman he loves from a ruthless cartel leader.

When Sofia is taken from a Cancun nightclub and held for ransom in the Yucatan jungle, Israel has only 48 hours to rescue her.

Facing insurmountable odds, Israel risks his life to bring Sofia home. Follow Israel as he journeys through Cancun's criminal underworld in a fraught bid to locate Sofia’s jungle prison. 

If you're a fan of fast-paced thrillers like Don Winslow's "The Power of the Dog", you'll be hooked on Billy Wittenberg's latest heart-pounding story.  

Will he and Sofia make it back home alive? Pick up your copy of The Long Run and find out!


   If only Sofia Rodriguez had known what awaited her in Cancun, she would never have traveled to Mexico. Headed for law school at UT Rio Grande later in the year, Sofia had picked Cancun as her vacation spot. Along with two friends and her boyfriend Hank, she gets lost in the night, partying at Club Bombom - a wild nightspot in Cancun. Without warning, a group of cartel gunmen storms the club demanding to see Henry Carson, alias Hank, who had left the club a moment earlier before the attack to take a phone call. The gunmen abduct Sofia and set the club ablaze. Sofia’s cousin Israel, an ex-gang member, decides to go to Mexico to rescue her before it's too late. Elsewhere, FBI agent Dominguez is tasked with investigating the connection between the business tycoon Henry Carson Senior (Hank’s dad) and the Mexican cartel in a bid to save Sofia. With Israel on a suicide mission, Agent Dominguez sinking in a pool of lies, and Sofia in the hands of the deadliest cartel group around the Mexican-American border, what will happen next?

This page-turner will have you hooked from cover to cover. Lovers of action-packed, crime thriller novels laced with a gripping tale of deceit, blackmail, betrayal, love, murder, ruthless drug cartels, savage hitmen, underdogs, dirty businessmen, sleuths, boxers, money, guns, and blood will not get enough of this book. Featuring intriguing plot twists and nerve-wracking cliffhangers, Wittenberg weaves a spell-binding plot. The evocative descriptions breathed life into the action, bringing towns in Texas and Mexico to life colorfully. It felt as if I was right there next to every character watching the events unfold. This made it easy for me to connect with the main players. This is a great example of the crime fiction genre.

   The realistic portrayal of Sofia’s captivity was chilling. The climactic end of the story kept the tension high and added to the unpredictable twists. I recommend The Long Run for readers who enjoy suspenseful, dangerous stories with a hint of romance.

- Stephanie Chapman, Reader favorites reviewer

  The Long Run is complex and exciting. Billy Wittenberg took me on a roller coaster ride of murder, betrayal, and drugs. I was hooked from the start. The plot was fast-paced but never felt rushed. With all the twists and turns, I never knew what to expect next. The suspense kept me on the edge of my seat, and I turned the pages as fast as I could. 

- SAlma Boucher, Reader favorites reviewer


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About the author

Billy Wittenberg is a native Texan and the son of a Mexican immigrant. After decades working as a mechanical designer, he developed a passion for writing. He combined that passion with his interests in thriller novels, history, and the immigrant experience to craft heartfelt, suspenseful stories based in the southwest United States. 

When he's not writing or working the day job, he likes to travel with his wife and two kids. Or stay home and play tug of war with his two dogs.


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