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A Murder on the Border

A Murder on the Border 3D cover

A literary thriller about love, deceit, and murder on the Texas-Mexico border

Coming Winter 2022


Maria is a naive teen girl.

She meets Victor and falls in love. She dreams of a family of her own. 

 But Victor is not the man she thinks she is. 

What she finds is murder and a fight for her life. 

When Victor comes to find her, will Maria give up the only family she's ever known?

Or stand and fight?

What Readers Are Saying

"A powerful, poignant book. Maria’s story is bold and honest, grounded in the harsh reality of life as a single, immigrant mother trying to protect her son. Filled with thrills and sadness, this book carried me away on a nonstop action ride. A real page turner."

Summer H.

“A Murder on the Border surprised me on every level. I fell in love with Maria in the first chapter. She was every woman’s innocent heart, and when she hit rock bottom, it was every mother’s love that fueled us all. You won’t regret this journey unless you miss it.” 

Susan R.

“Billy Wittenberg’s characters represent real people with complex backgrounds and hopes for the future that we all have. Because of that, they are immediately recognizable and relatable to readers. Maria is someone you’ll end up rooting for.”

Tony D.


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About the author

Billy Wittenberg is a native Texan and the son of a Mexican immigrant. After decades working as a mechanical designer, he developed a passion for writing. He combined that passion with his interests in thriller novels, history, and the immigrant experience to craft heartfelt, suspenseful stories based in the southwest United States. 

When he's not writing or working the day job, he likes to travel with his wife and two kids. Or stay home and play tug of war with his two dogs.


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