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Thriller Novelist


A Murder on the Border

A Murder on the Border 3D cover

Chased by a vengeful Mexican gangster, Maria seeks refuge in Texas, vowing to protect her infant son at all costs.



Maria is a naive teen girl.

She meets Victor and falls in love. She dreams of a family of her own. 

 But Victor is not the man she thinks he is. 

What she finds is murder and a fight for her life. 

When Victor comes to find her, will Maria give up the only family she's ever known?

Or stand and fight?


     A Murder on the Border by Billy Wittenberg has all the elements that make a story impossible to put down. The complex, easy-to-follow plot—thanks to excellent writing—is centered around a naive, convent-raised orphan, Maria, who has the misfortune to fall in love with the dashingly handsome, philandering Victor. A Mexican business owner, Victor will stop at nothing, including murder, to get what he wants. But if there’s one person who won’t let Victor get away with his transgressions, it’s his wife, Sylvia, who demands he get rid of the now-pregnant Maria. The violent, often heartbreaking twists and turns Maria's and Victor’s lives take resulting from Sylvia’s demand are something even seasoned thriller readers won’t expect.

     As riveting as A Murder on the Border is, Billy Wittenberg’s characters make the story come to life and give it authenticity. They are the downtrodden have-nots. ... Wittenberg brilliantly captures Mexican beliefs and motivations in his self-reflective thinking and dialogue, and although Victor’s actions are despicable, readers understand him and even feel some sympathy for him.

     Likewise, regardless of the treatment Maria suffers at Victor’s hands, her Catholic convent upbringing, coupled with her love for her infant son, gives her the strength to withstand what life has thrown at her. There are other well-chiseled characters, but Maria, Victor, and Sylvia are unforgettable. The author’s sensitivity to his characters, tight control of a fast-paced plot, ability to clearly depict scenes and competence in capturing the essence of his heritage make this a must-read. I can’t wait to see what he has for us next.

   A Murder on the Border is a complex thriller that had me engaged from the start. It has an intriguing plot that was brilliantly executed by Billy Wittenberg. I felt as if I was right in the middle of all the action. ... The events were fast-paced and I turned the pages as quickly as I could. The twists and turns kept me in suspense and on the edge of my seat. The characters were individual and relatable. ... This is an excellent read.

   A Murder on the Border surprised me on every level. I fell in love with Maria in the first chapter. She was every woman’s innocent heart, and when she hit rock bottom, it was every mother’s love that fueled us all. You won’t regret this journey unless you miss it.

- Susan Russell, SassyEdits.com

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